Porta Dolly | Details





 Easy wheeling an assembled PortaBote over a distance. Makes moving the boat over land easy even for one person. When you’ re far from the water's edge, you can open your boat by your car or rig. Put in all your gear and outboard motor. Then put your Portabote on the Dolly. You can place the Dolly so the front of the boat weighs less than one pound (2.2 kg). Then just roll your boat to the launch area just like a baby carriage. You can even take the Dolly off when your floating in the water and store it out of the way up front. So, you don't have to go all the way back to your car. When you come back to shore, just put your Portabote back on the Dolly and wheel it back.

Note : The cost displayed excludes GST, Freight, Insurance and other inland charges. Kindly send a mail to sales@portaboat.nz  for a detailed freight quote and to know the current availablity.